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Network marketing: eating "soft" rather than "hard"

soft and hard are relative. If the advertising behavior that can be seen and heard by newspapers, magazines, television, radio, networks and other media is regarded as hard advertising, then the advertising behavior that is interactive, participatory and can be called soft advertising, and the well-known "newspaper soft text" is one of them. The important feature of "soft" marketing is to emphasize interaction and participation, and weaken or avoid the original coercion and indoctrination of advertising behavior. Compared with traditional media, the characteristics of interaction, participation and timeliness between network media and users are particularly prominent. In other words, these characteristics of network media make it possible to compete and compete with traditional media, and then develop into a new media. Therefore, it can be concluded that the marketing behavior based on traditional media should focus on "hard" and give consideration to "soft"; However, the marketing behavior based on network media is just the opposite, and road marketing is more "soft". 1、 People who have posted on the post have the experience of reading, replying and posting only using the performance grade in the design. Posts are neither splendid articles nor academic papers. Posts are not limited by grammar, format, time, place, etc. opinions and attitudes are the two basic elements of posts. Post marketing exists in almost any way. It does not need profound marketing knowledge and experience, but only time, patience and a deep understanding and principled grasp of the marketing purpose you want to achieve. 2、 E-mail e-mail is a personal mailbox. Since it is a personal mailbox, its privacy is very strong. Therefore, although e-mail marketing has been used for a long time, this method should be used with extra caution, otherwise it is very easy to cause customers' disgust. If you need to have other skills to make up for it, it is counterproductive for customers to list your marketing email as rejected email. 3、 Jars jars are forums. Identifying the identity characteristics of participants is a prerequisite to determine whether a jar can become your marketing position. In the jar, if you wear a proper vest and speak properly, you may become the "leader" of the jar. The old Shanghai beach is out of touch with us, but if you are wise enough, it is entirely possible for you to have a "xuwenqiang" addiction in the road forum. 4、 Blog has been blowing all over the country, and it is undoubtedly unknown to ignore the marketing role of blog. Creating a blog based on marketing purposes at the right station can often attract your customer base, listen to the most concerned problems in the front line of the market, and find marketing solutions through analysis and discrimination. It should be emphasized that if the blog has a strong flavor of "hard broadcasting", then "the cost that can be saved by blogging is considerable". It is better to go home and go to bed than not "blogging". 5、 Circle, MSN, UC and other road tools make it possible for us to create a human relationship circle based on the road platform. In this circle, people in the circle cannot simply be regarded as "consumers", and your role is also "sellers", but one of the partners of people in the circle. Only in this way can the communication atmosphere in the circle be effectively formed, and it is possible to achieve the ultimate goal of marketing. 6、 Text in terms of real estate, the usual marketing texts generally include "enterprise album", "project album" and "customer communication", and many such texts have also been networked and electronic by enterprises. However, I have noticed that most of the contents of the electronic version are not as complete as the printed version, which can basically be called the incomplete or abridged version of the printed version, such as SOHO tabloid, which is famous in the real estate industry. In fact, there is no need to do this. Road customers are also customers. If you make the electronic version completely beautiful, I believe it will not affect the effect of the printed version. On the contrary, the two can play a better complementary role. 7、 The common form of activities is: most advertisers only use road media to release offline activity notices, but road based online marketing activities are rare. In fact, with the rapid development of road technology, advertisers are fully qualified to hold road marketing activities such as games, competitions, essay solicitation, talent shows, PK and leaderboards. This online road marketing activity can better stimulate the interests, concerns and hobbies of road customers. Compared with the usual offline marketing activities, it can save a lot of money and labor costs. The investment is carried out by using the principle of bridge balance test

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