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In an interview with the media at the Boao Forum for Asia, Kai Fu Li, Google's global vice president and President of Greater China, said that Google's product layout in China has been very complete, and Google's Chinese search is also the best. At present, the only thing lacking is user trust and support. In fact, this sentence can be understood in this way. Google China has not yet made Chinese people dependent. The first station that Dazhong people open their browser to visit may not be Google China, but it may be Sina, Sohu, Yi, baidu or Tencent, or a small number of people may directly visit the home page of Google China, such as displacement sensors. This involves a topic of people's usage habits and loyalty. The former is more important than the latter in people's usage habits and loyalty. For the vast number of small and medium-sized enterprise users with network marketing needs in China, after the people's use habits and people's loyalty eelcee company won the JEC innovation award during the JEC Asia exhibition, we should also consider the factors of people's use behavior

private use behavior is the most important decision-making reference aspect of network marketing application in small and medium-sized enterprises. For example, users are more likely to watch and play games in Sina, Sohu and Yi. If users go to Baidu, they are likely to search for beautiful pictures or their favorite music songs. If users go to Alibaba, they are likely to publish their own business blogs or go to forums to communicate business experience. If users go to 258 business search, they are likely to search for the product information they need or find the supply and demand information of some products. Users can rotate the buffer to the right position. If they go to Tianya, they must go to see various original novels and stories. All of the above shows the different behavioral purposes of people visiting different stations

if small and medium-sized enterprises want to use the network marketing platform, they must consider the actual purpose of people's access behavior. For example, the products of small and medium-sized enterprises are personal products, so you can choose the page related advertisements of sina, Sohu, Yi and other stations. As you watch, you are imperceptibly affected by these advertisements. If the products of small and medium-sized enterprises are personal entertainment products, you can choose Baidu promotion to pay attention to the entertainment flow of absolute gold. If the products of small and medium-sized enterprises are machinery, hardware, clothing, shoes and hats and other enterprise related transaction information, you can choose the business recommendation of 258 business search, and there will be no invalid attention of minors. If the products of small and medium-sized enterprises are digital products, with the development of science and technology, you can choose the associated advertisements of Tianya community, which attract the attention of thousands of young people every day. If the products of small and medium-sized enterprises are suitable for foreign trade, please buy relevant services on Alibaba, which is not only known in China, but also a famous platform in the world. If we do not pay attention to the actual purpose of each platform, we will waste a lot of human, financial and material resources, and there will be no good input-output ratio

Internet has been inseparable from the lives of the public and the actual business transactions of small and medium-sized enterprises. Under the current situation of Internet applications in which people's actual access behavior is gradually refined and shunted, the network marketing application of people's behavior purpose analysis is more suitable for everyone to choose and judge

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