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German KHS Anker company launched a special labeling machine for PET containers, which can affix 15000 labels per hour. It is mainly used for the first time that its stratolaunch aircraft, which is not recycled, is towed to outdoor PET containers, which are suitable for different container shapes

the machine is equipped with a multi cutter system. The cutting process is completed in the vacuum barrel B and up to 15 sections of linear compensation and correction functions. The machine has simple components and convenient operation, which greatly shortens the time of changing and labeling operations. It can also cooperate well with the front and rear stages of the assembly line. It has the characteristics of predictable operation, high work efficiency, wide range of adaptation, etc. it is an ideal choice for Breweries to use PET container filling and labeling, After the machine was put on the market, it has been favored by many well-known beer manufacturers all over the world. F. Display mode: utm107+win-xp test software computer screen display“

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