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The latest news shows that the "Luo integrated marketing practical warfare" has maintained a hot sale in many bookstores in Beijing, especially in the top 10 of similar books. The book was written by Deng chaoming, the general planner of yingdao marketing consulting agency and the general manager of Beijing Hanyan ranch Information Technology Co., Ltd. it lasted for one year, condensing the author's three-year practical experience in the company's operation and network integrated marketing projects, and covering more than 100 creative cases in more than 30 industries

"16. Piston moving speed range: 0 (5) 0mm/min full load stepless speed regulation network integrated marketing practical art of war" is another masterpiece of the whole yingdao series, and another guiding work after "yingdao: 28 commandments of successful entrepreneurs". Insiders evaluate it as "a brand-new marketing art that makes people armed", "a treasure book that comprehensively understands network integrated marketing" "A guide to see clearly the marketing side of the enterprise. 4. After the experiment, the direction of the experimental machine itself and its surrounding environment should be cleared in time"

it is understood that the book was personally recommended by the chairman, general manager and marketing director of 100 billion scale enterprises through intelligent algorithms. Second, it includes home building materials, advertising industry, Internet and other industries. For example, Li Qiang, general manager of special ceramics, commented that it is practical, practical and practical. The "network integrated marketing practical war" provides a reference and guidance template for Industry Internet marketing, so that the network marketing god horse of enterprises is no longer a floating cloud

Mr. chengguobiao, general manager of gold medal sanitary ware and AUSMAN sanitary ware marketing, commented that brand marketing has become the focus of household building materials enterprises, in which Internet plays an increasingly obvious role. This book gives some new operation methods from the channels and techniques of network marketing, which can see real effects in the brand marketing work of the household industry, and it is worth learning from

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