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The spring of 2005 is also the spring of the domestic search engine market. With the arrival of the spring equinox, search engines have also ushered in a new round of Internet enclosure movement

the spring of 2005 is also the spring of the domestic search engine market. With the arrival of hibernation and the spring equinox, search engines have also ushered in a new round of Internet enclosure movement. Major manufacturers have made continuous moves, especially in search bidding ranking, which has become the most popular place for gold mining. For a while, search power economy, network marketing, competitive ranking and other keywords have become the focus of attention in the Internet industry

there is a saying that Baidu's great success in competitive ranking has made other domestic manufacturers compete to imitate it. 3721 adjusted the new search product line, Alibaba cut into the search ranking, Sohu Sogou released version 2.0, Yahoo expanded the channel of competitive ranking, and even Microsoft also launched a new version of MSN Search Service and keyword search advertising. In fact, if we remove the fog of appearance, we will find that the real subtext of all these phenomena is that the profit model of search has become mature, and has been recognized by both individual users and enterprise customers. With the growing maturity of domestic Internet, especially Baidu's promotion of the popularity of search engine marketing services, more and more enterprises get a large number of new customers from search engines, and more and more enterprises taste the benefits of "pay for results", which is the way Baidu first advocated for charging network marketing services. Domestic enterprises' cognition of network marketing is moving from concept to pragmatism

from users to customers, the profit model turns stone into gold

first of all, people have become more mature in the application of search engines. In the ocean of interconnected information, search engine is like a universal golden key, which brings us from the vast amount of information to our destination. No one can refuse this magical tool. Indeed, for domestic people, networking has changed their lives, and using search engines to find answers has become an indispensable part of people's daily life. "Baidu once" has even become a well-known mantra in the E-era

The extensive application of search engines has created a large number of the most valuable resources for search engines in the era of attention economy - traffic, or eyeballs, pageviews, and click through rates. This makes it possible for search engines to convert traffic into cash flow. As experts say, when search engine wins users, it also wins its bright future. But how to successfully turn eyeballs into gold and silver needs a good profit model to achieve

in foreign countries, Overture took the lead in creating and applying the competitive ranking profit model. However, at the beginning of the birth of domestic search engines, it can be said that only "users" have no "customers". There is a fault in the industrial chain that search technology providers charge the portal, but the portal does not know who to charge

at the end of 2001, baidu launched the competitive ranking service mode of search engine for the first time in China, which affects its position in search results through the payment of enterprise customers, and "charges by effect" to enterprises by the number of effective clicks. Since then, Baidu has not only opened a door to profitable wealth for itself, but also brought a revolution in marketing mode and the golden key to rapidly improve business to thousands of enterprise customers

the effect is the last word. Enterprise customers prefer search marketing

in traditional business operations, large enterprises often have more opportunities, and after eliminating the fault of the displacement sensor of the electronic universal experimental machine, small and medium-sized enterprises are often at a disadvantage in front of opportunities due to some congenital factors. However, Internet and search engine have overturned the traditional marketing concept. Many small and medium-sized enterprises suddenly realized that in the information age, if enterprises do not survive in the network, they will soon lose their survival in reality, and the opportunities for large and small enterprises in the network are equal. There is no doubt that for enterprise customers, networks have changed the way of management and operation. Search engine is like an intelligent online shopping guide. It is on standby 24 hours a day, and quickly takes him to the corresponding manufacturer station according to the user's needs. Once isolated islands of information have begun to glow, and it often talks with peers about the purchasing vitality of material testing machines

according to the latest statistics of China Internet Information Center, 82.2% of people know about the new website by using search engines. "Competitive ranking" can be said to be good and cheap, because using competitive ranking, potential customers visit at least 0.3 yuan, and pay according to the effect, there is no traffic, no charge, and the cost of traditional advertising and marketing activities to achieve the desired market coverage is more than ten times higher, and the effect is far less rapid and effective than competitive ranking. This is the unique advantage of search engine marketing customers

as one of the beneficiaries of search engine marketing, Shandong Huaxia Academy of Medical Sciences revealed, "After the adoption of Baidu competitive ranking, the number of visits to our website has increased significantly. The average number of inquiries per day has increased from 2 to more than 30, and the number of relevant consultation emails has increased from 2 to more than 50 per day, which directly promotes a qualitative leap in our efficiency. In addition, the rationality of payment and the flexibility of management make everything controllable, which is our most ideal way of website promotion."

Dr. Feng Yingjian, an expert in Internet marketing, pointed out that in the effect oriented marketing market, competitive ranking has created a win-win situation for all parties and a virtuous industrial ecosystem, accelerating the formation and development of the domestic Internet marketing environment. Network marketing is not to build a station or buy a system, but to get more potential customers from the Internet, and finally improve the sales of the enterprise itself. Baidu competitive ranking has achieved this, so enterprise customers are willing to pay for it

there is no suspense about the market pattern from the perspective of experts

the spring of 2005 is also the spring of the domestic search engine market. With the arrival of hibernation and the spring equinox, search engines have also ushered in a new round of enclosure movement of Internet

is no different from the laws of nature. The popularity of search engines among individuals has paved the ground. The successful implementation of the competitive ranking service model has sown the seeds. The favor and admiration of the majority of enterprise customers is the sun and rain. That is why it has created a towering tree of competitive ranking, which has attracted major network manufacturers to flock to and support the competitive ranking market one after another. But experts tell people that there is no suspense about the current search engine market pattern

SAFA, the world's famous first analyst on Wall Street? Safarashtchy recently commented in a study on the consumption habits of young people in Beijing: in the United States, Google is a site that people log in almost every day; In China, baidu is almost always the first choice for network search. Although the competition in China's search engine market is becoming increasingly fierce, it is difficult to change and migrate the usage habits and brand loyalty formed by domestic people for a long time, and the market pattern of search services is still difficult to break in the short term. In other words, the market of search engine is far from the time of reshuffle, and the current situation of Chinese search dominated by Baidu will continue for a long time

let's not speculate whether Mr. SAFA's prediction is credible or not. As we all know, in the Internet field, business models are easy to be copied. What cannot be copied is the accumulation of resources and the setting of technical thresholds. Baidu president Robin Lee also said that not everyone can be a search engine

as the world's largest Chinese search engine, Baidu has exceeded 600million Chinese pages, and the number of people who visit Baidu or inquire about information every day has increased from 60million last year to more than 100million, and is still growing at the same rate. Recently, due to the maturity of search application services and the success of Baidu competitive ranking products, search competitive ranking has become increasingly prominent in network marketing and has become the most important network marketing method. Baidu search has also become the largest network marketing level in China, reducing the synergy of driving gear. Over the past two years, more and more domestic enterprises, ranging from coca cola, Lenovo, Konka to family owned enterprises with three or five people, have promoted the upgrading of regional industrial structure and resource integration industry, competing to become loyal users of Baidu network marketing platform and benefit from it. Especially after the launch of the service mode of competitive ranking, it quickly became popular among small and medium-sized enterprises with different geographical and industrial distribution, including e-commerce platforms such as Alibaba, which also purchased a large number of keyword competitive ranking services from Baidu and became Baidu's loyal major customers

it is the huge number of users and the accumulation of customer resources, the accumulation of years of business experience, as well as the patented technology of super chain analysis, which cannot be copied, that determines Baidu's current market position is difficult to shake. For other new practitioners, we may get some useful enlightenment from it

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