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In recent years, web printers have occupied a large share of the printing market of standard businesses such as business cards and stationery. When the load is no longer rising, enterprises can cope with a large number of similar jobs every day, which means that they can make good use of samples, which requires a lot of technical knowledge in data preparation, positioning, prepress technology and delivery. There are slight differences between the business models of large format printing and advertising printing. Sometimes, for small format products such as business cards, the trick of a web printer is that it knows how to make good use of samples and combine printing data into PDF files that can be used for printing. In some cases, web width printing and advertising printing can be competent for end product data from up to 100 different sources. Typical advertising products range from mouse pads to giant outdoor advertisements. At first, this leads to the systematization of a variety of end-user but energy products, and how to select profitable products from them, and then how to standardize products as much as possible to establish affordable prices in the market. Next, we need to consider what kind of cooperation arrangement is meaningful in order to allow partners to produce products you can't produce

offset printing or digital printing

in terms of technology, real web printing should be manifested in the flow of data, that is, from the receiving of data to the delivery process, the printing data of moving parts should be processed as automatically as possible. Manual intervention in each link will reduce the yield. However, in business sheet fed offset printing, this is only a single step to select the substrate, and in LFP and advertising printing, all this is more chaotic. Therefore, offset printing is easy for poster printing. Heidelberg xuba XL162 can print 1190 1620mm format, gaobao rapida205 can be competent for 1490 2050mm format, and they can print up to 1.6mm thick cardboard. This proves that it can still be used in ordinary offset printing process. When different kinds of advertising materials or large posters need to be printed, all this is obvious, and Honeywell is undoubtedly the industry leader in this area, with diversified technology. A large number of substrates such as fabrics, films, glass and so on have been added to this list. They need different printing machines to print, from flexographic printing machines to silk printing machines to large-scale inkjet printers. These differences need to be carefully enumerated to ensure the accuracy of data and zero errors in the whole process, so as to print products of the size and quality required by customers on the established substrate. At the same time, we must take into account the breadth of the printing range, so that customers are satisfied with the product so that they do not go to their competitors

different printing manufacturers have fragmented the whole market. On the one hand, traditional online printing service providers have expanded their service scope, including LFP and advertising printing; On the other hand, many enterprises provide a broader range of wide-ranging advertising printing business; Later, there are container printing service providers such as glass printing, and 100 square meters of value-added service printing and other providers to participate

top priority: business model

in any case, the business logic provided by online printing is important for its success or other aspects. Industry leaders have spent many years developing and improving background software. Today, customers of call service centers can understand the current status of production tasks at any time; The system will automatically recognize the error information, such as the problem that the font cannot be embedded in some times; The product distribution of flyeralarm production site is mostly automated

however, there is absolutely no need to develop all projects by yourself. A large number of web printing solutions are available, many of which can be well implemented through additional modules. 16. LFP can be completed with the function of cyclic loading. The good operation of the customer relationship interface and inventory management system of web printing is also very important. As an option, enterprises can let their software service providers develop their own open interface special modules to connect the web printing software

in essence, the application of web printing should allow customers to choose the process content of printing quantity, materials and product composition, and then convert their printing details and printing data. The back-end needs to check customer details and transfer to customer relationship management system (CRM) and inventory system; At the same time, check the consistency of printing data and transfer it to the product system. At the same time, in order to let customers design or product graphic data, network printing should also provide such an additional module. Visual simulation such as WYSIWYG is also helpful. For example, large banners placed outside the building may be more intuitive. All this shows that the commercial form of web printing will not be a problem for laggards such as wide width printing and advertising printing

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