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The application guide of interactive security is jointly released by Swiss digital information and safety bull

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Swiss digital information and the domestic top security new media "safety bull" jointly released the application guide of interactive security to conduct in-depth research and analysis of interactive security

the essence of the operation of organizations and institutions is to solve certain needs: such needs can be based on commercial nature (such as various enterprises) or non-profit (such as government affairs) -- the process of raising and meeting needs is also an interactive process. Through the use of interconnection, organizations and institutions can operate and promote their own businesses more efficiently and widely, resulting in the concept of interaction

although through interaction, organizations and institutions have developed rapidly, and normal users have also enjoyed more efficient and faster services, it also gave birth to a new threat - luohei huichan. Through the hidden dangers existing in the interaction process, black ash production personnel can use automated tools, scripts and other batch attacks to directly obtain benefits, including but not limited to the ways of collecting wool, robot ticket grabbing, traffic fraud and other large battery enterprises. Due to the accumulation of capital and technology, the enterprises have brought great economic losses in the process of using Internet technology

then, what is the essence of fighting attacks in the process of business interaction? What are the main technical cores and solutions at present? Where are the most affected scenes? In this regard --

Swiss digital information, together with the top domestic security new media "safety bull" and three other leading security companies in the industry (unit: the Provincial Department of economy and information technology and the Provincial Department of science and technology jointly issued the "interactive security application guide" , it makes an in-depth study and analysis of interaction security, expounds the main protection technologies used in the interaction process, and explains the solutions for the needs of different scenarios

from the perspective of attackers, the attack value of services lies in: batching, low threshold and high benefits. For luohei and huichan, the online characteristics make their attack behavior more hidden than offline; Automation also brings them the possibility of batch operation, thus reducing their own costs and greatly increasing revenue

in addition, when the black industry becomes a complete ecological chain, with the gradual clarification of the division of labor, the entry threshold of the black industry will also be reduced: hackers with technical capabilities use loopholes to make automated tools, while downstream implementers only need to have simple computer operation technology to use these tools to bring harm to services and losses to enterprises

therefore, from the perspective of the defender, in order to defend the service, it is necessary to be targeted: prevent batching, raise the threshold of attack technology, so as to greatly reduce the benefits of attackers

as the only security manufacturer specializing in automated security threats in the industry, ruishu information has a unique leading edge in the field of interactive security. The core dynamic security technology no longer relies on the matching of characteristics or rules in the traditional security protection idea, but increases the unpredictability of server behavior and greatly improves the attack threshold through dynamic changes; At the same time, through the close inspection of the operating environment, browser fingerprints, suspected attacks and other links, the automatic tool behavior is effectively separated from the normal traffic

in addition, with the continuous increase of AI intelligent analysis technology and programmable countermeasures, in the face of batch automation attacks, Swiss number information can not only achieve things "It should be said that the European and American markets are relatively mature consumer markets. The whole process of dynamic protection includes pre detection, in-process interception and post backtracking. It can also fully release system resources and maintain interactive security while greatly reducing operation and maintenance costs.

about the report, the core content is to see first:

key findings

the essence of interactive security is the process of attack and defense confrontation between enterprises and black ash products.

from the perspective of defense, delivery The core of mutual security lies in the business risk control engine suitable for their own scenarios. At the same time, it is driven by business Threat Intelligence, supplemented by identity authentication, application reinforcement and other security means

when enterprises adopt the defense means of interactive security, they need to select the corresponding scenarios for targeted deployment according to their own business logic and needs

the scope of interactive security will be further expanded in the future, and enterprises are likely to need to pay attention to more problems; At the same time, security services such as security testing and intelligence sharing based on interactive security will gradually appear and develop to help enterprises better deal with black and gray products

main risks

use programs and machines to register fake accounts and zombie accounts in large quantities

illegal crawlers obtain information

establish false identities

application cases

crawlers collect information in violation of regulations

scalpers purchase tickets/swipe orders

internal business fraud

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