At present, gasoline and diesel have room for pric

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At present, gasoline and diesel have room for price reduction of 7 to 8 cents per liter

the domestic oil price of finished products has just experienced the largest rise this year, and the international oil price has begun to "fall endlessly". After calculation yesterday, insiders said that the current domestic retail price of gasoline and diesel has a gross profit of yuan, which means that the theoretical price reduction space of gasoline can reach 7 cents per liter. As the wholesale price continues to fall, the actual retail price of domestic refined oil is expected to return to the previous round of price adjustment before the end of July

yesterday, it was learned from the refined oil market in many regions in China that gas stations around the country have recently reduced prices and promoted sales. In Beijing, PetroChina has launched a number of price reduction measures, such as giving a 1% discount to fixed customers with IC gas cards in 150 gas stations announced by the super search; 19 shell gas stations took the lead in reducing No. 93 gasoline by 0.15 yuan/liter; Sinochem total gas station reduced the price of No. 93 gasoline by 0.2 yuan/liter at one stroke. In Guangzhou, PetroChina cut the price of 93 gasoline by 0.3 yuan/liter. In Shanghai, the price of PetroChina No. 90 and No. 93 gasoline is 0% lower than the maximum retail price in Shanghai 16 yuan/liter. In addition, private gas stations across the country offer more preferential promotions

in contrast, Sinopec, which accounts for the largest share of the domestic refined oil retail market, did not launch price reduction measures. "We are business as usual." An executive of Sinopec Shanghai Petroleum Branch told this newspaper last night

"the reason why there are so many price reduction and promotion activities is inseparable from the current high gross profit in the retail of refined oil products." An insider revealed to this newspaper yesterday, "at present, the profit of the gas station is about 1000 yuan per ton. Considering the different density, if converted into liters, there is theoretically a price reduction space of 0.7 yuan per liter of gasoline and 0.8 yuan per liter of diesel."

according to Zhong Jian, an expert on oil prices, the gross profit of domestic gasoline and diesel retail prices is about RMB per ton. "This part of sales gross profit can be compressed through market competition, so that the retail price can be reduced."

according to him, only in more than ten days after the price adjustment on June 30, the wholesale price of domestic diesel oil has fallen below the specified wholesale price of more than 400 yuan per ton, and the retail price has also fallen by more than 200 yuan per ton compared with the specified retail price. "Judging from the current market trend, it is possible to fall back all the oil price increase of 600 yuan by the end of July. Complete the impact experiment"

"due to the continuous decline of international oil prices, the market has increasingly strong expectations for the future reduction of domestic oil prices. In order to reduce the inventory of high price oil as soon as possible and create space for future oil supply under the condition of low oil prices, price reduction and promotion has become the most effective tool." Beijing senior Shi inspected the changes of metallographic microstructure of the friction surface before and after wear, said Han Xuegong, an oil expert

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