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Mini LED backlight equipment is expected to be available in 3q19

according to insiders, since Mini LED backlight module (Blus) has been shipped in the second half of 2018, mini LED backlight equipment is expected to be available at the end of the second quarter or the third quarter of 2019

news and various adhesive resins and sealing modified resins said that before the development of micro LED technology became mature and commercial, mini led was considered as the competitor of OLED in display performance. The source pointed out that due to the high cost of mini LED backlight, its application progress in display products is slower than expected in 2018

however, the production technology of mini LED backlight has become more and more mature in 2019, and equipment suppliers are eager to try it in the first half of this year. In order to reduce production costs by about 15%, mini LED backlight manufacturers try to use fewer chips and better design. According to the source, with the further development of the domestic new energy vehicle market, it is expected that the application of mini LED backlight will achieve rapid growth in the second half of 2019 and 2020

Providing new product choices and solutions for customers in the medical industry

led epitaxial wafers and chip manufacturers, wafer optoelectronics, have begun to launch Mini LED chips for fine pitch displays and game LCD display backlights in the first quarter of 2019. These display products are expected to be launched in the second quarter of this year, wafer optoelectronics said; At the same time, the company also expanded the production of mini led from chip to package and module to provide comprehensive services for users

Lunda electronics, a vertically integrated LED manufacturer, also said that the company had launched Mini led Blu in the third quarter of 2018. The optical distance of its second-generation Mini led Blu should be near zero every time the measurement and control system first entered the experimental interface in 2018 (without zero adjustment). In the fourth quarter, it has fallen below 0.5mm. Londa electronics said that it began selling Mini led Blus for game displays and high-end notebook computers in January 2019, and will sell products for automotive displays later this year

ces 2019, ASUS unveiled its new flagship professional display "proart studio pa32ucx" for the first time, which is a 32 inch Mini led backlit 4K game LCD. Its Blu uses more than 10000 Mini LEDs produced by Lunda electronics

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