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Mini automatic pillow packaging machine launched on the market

recently, a mini automatic pillow packaging machine with novel appearance, complete functions and a price of less than 20000 yuan was successfully developed in Jinan paiqing Technology Development Co., Ltd. The packaging machine can use all kinds of composite packaging film coiled materials to pack blocky food. The machine adopts the integrated "packaging machine movement", which greatly reduces the chain transmission, improves the stability and reliability of the machine operation, and reduces the noise of the machine operation. In order to make this packaging machine more compact and easy to operate, they also applied advanced technologies such as microcomputer programming and variable frequency speed regulation to the control system. In order to improve the appearance of packaged products, the equipment is also equipped with an photoelectric tracking system. The system can accurately calibrate according to the shape and size of the packed items, and adopts two-way and three-level tracking to timely find the errors of packaging materials in the production process, and accurately compensate and correct them, so as to avoid the waste of packaging materials

information source: Food and packaging machinery 15, accounting for 2.7% 4

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