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Mingwei launched new sma01&smu01 series

in order to meet the market demand of low price and miniaturization, Mingwei launched a new 1W single group output DC/DC non regulated converter ~sma01 and smu01 series. Sma01 is a double row packaging type, while smu01 is a sip single row packaging mode. Compared with the existing product sus01 (the engine "x0.33" of the electromechanical control mechanical components of the 0.89 "x0.39 electronic experimental machine), the shell volume of s158 plastic pipe ma01 (0.5" x0.4 "x0.3") and smu01 (0.46 "x0.29" x0.4 ") is only about 1/2 of its size, which can provide system designers with better power design flexibility in the layout of the machine board

sma01 and smu01 series have industry standard pin positions. The main features/functions include ± 10% voltage input, the more obvious its influence is, 1500vdc input/output isolation (3000vdc grade can be selected), short circuit protection, low ripple, insulated plastic housing, ce/fcc compliance, etc. In addition, the packaging design of internal glue filling can simultaneously improve the working ambient temperature and be free from the harsh environment of external high dust and high humidity. Therefore, the full load working temperature can reach 85 ℃ at most, which is 14 ℃ higher than the common 71 ℃ in the industry. It is very suitable for the related applications of industrial control before using the experimental machine, communication industry and distributedpowerarchitecture

product features:

· can work at -40~85 ℃

· 1500vdc input/output isolation

· 3000vdc input/output isolation (optional)

· ± 10% voltage input range

· built in EMI filter circuit

· SIP single row package (smu01)/double row package (sma01)

· insulated plastic shell, natural air cooling

· low price, High reliability products

· ce/fcc certification

· size (LxWxH)

sma01:12.7x10.16x7.62mm (0.50 "x0.40" x0.30 ")

smu01:11.6x7.4x10.14mm (0.46" x0.29 "x0.40")

· 2-year warranty period

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