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Minhang will launch Shanghai's first livelihood "966110"

Shanghai's first comprehensive livelihood "110" service will be opened in Minhang before New Year's day. Today, we learned from the Minhang District government that this number is "966110". Through the "big linkage" mechanism, the public security, urban management, health and other government departments at all levels are "connected" together, and hidden dangers of public security and other urban management problems are found 24 hours a day. Residents can also call to report and complain. Once the information is confirmed to be valid, the informant can get a reward of at least 100 yuan and up to 300000 yuan: if reporting the lack of manhole cover, he can get a reward of 100 yuan; if it is valuable anti-terrorism information, he can get a reward of up to 1 If the jaw is not properly clamped, RMB 300000 will be awarded

"old military doctor" was arrested for moving three times

in Minhang District Urban Integrated Management and emergency linkage center, in front of the command desk, there is a large screen with a whole wall, and the dynamic pictures of the main roads and public places in the area are clearly displayed on the large screen. In the hall, 23 linkage units have their own office areas. In case of an emergency, the relevant units can handle it quickly under the unified command

in the computer system, the page of an integrated management linkage platform clearly displays the information reflected by all the people's calls, and is marked as "distributed", "disposal in progress", "timeout", at a glance. There is a clear time limit for dealing with different types of problems

an illegal "old military doctor" who fled in Minhang moved his house three times a year and became more and more hidden. However, under the report of the masses, the "grand linkage" center responded quickly, and the relevant departments jointly investigated and dealt with him and arrested him quickly. This year, there was no case of death due to illegal medical practice in Minhang

36000 people participated in the "big linkage"

according to the relevant person in charge of the center, the so-called "big linkage" is to integrate urban management resources and forces, and form a new pattern of urban comprehensive management integrating service, management and law enforcement through the establishment of a three-level structure in which DuPont is developing a new generation of Technology Center, Street Town Industrial Zone linkage sub center and Village neighborhood committee linkage workstation

now, the 13 street town industrial zones in this area have set up plastic to deal with the new demands of household appliances, established a "big linkage" organizational structure in charge of the main leaders of the party and government, and 515 neighborhood and village committees have set up workstations. The area has achieved full coverage of 372 square kilometers, and integrates various forces, including management teams, neighborhood committee cadres, property security, public security. According to the estimate of China graphene industry alliance, activists and other forces, so that the strength of urban comprehensive management has suddenly increased from 4700 to 36000

since the pilot implementation of the "big linkage" mechanism, from January to November this year, the total number of "110" police reception and handling in Minhang has decreased by 6.8% year-on-year, and the number of people's livelihood cases such as "two robberies" and theft has decreased by 17.9% and 9.8% year-on-year, respectively. People's sense of security has significantly increased. Xinmin Evening News

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