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Recently, the "voice" of mini LED is very high, and many companies say that mass production can be achieved

it is reported that Huawei, oppo, Xiaomi and others plan to adopt the solution of mini LED backlight panel in the second half of 2018 due to the fear that Apple will occupy the capacity of OLED panel too much. This information has not been confirmed from the manufacturer, but at present, the LED industry chain company has high hopes for mini LED products

in the evening of April 9, Ruifeng optoelectronics announced that it plans to raise no more than 468million yuan of convertible bonds, of which about 160million yuan will be invested in the sub millimeter light emitting diode (Mini LED) packaging production project and the micro LED technology R & D center project. From the perspective of fund-raising projects, Ruifeng optoelectronics has the packaging and production capacity of mini led, while micro LED is in the stage of technological research and development

in addition to Ruifeng optoelectronics' firm investment in mini led and micro led technologies, companies that deploy Mini led in the A-share market also include zhaochi shares, Qianzhao optoelectronics, Huacan optoelectronics, Guoxing optoelectronics, etc

replacement role of mini led

what kind of display technology are mini led and micro led? What is the difference with the current mainstream OLED display? What is the position in the current industry

according to interviews with a number of industry insiders, OLEDs currently occupy an absolute advantage in the TV and large volume main product markets. However, as we all know, OLED has limited production capacity and is basically monopolized by South Korea. Originally, enterprises in the LED display market were impacted, but many led enterprises did not choose to follow OLED technology

besides OLED screen technology, micro LED is generally considered as the next generation display technology. Its excellent display performance, low power, lack of correct and sustainable packaging solutions are the main reasons for food waste. 1. The characteristics of high brightness, and there is no "screen burning" phenomenon that may occur in devices using OLED technology, which is a very ideal choice

with regard to this technology, apple acquired luxvue in 2014 and cooperated with the supply chain to study the production of micro LED devices. The layout around micro led also includes Hon Hai, Sony and so on. However, micro led also has the problem of great difficulty in mass production, and miniled technology is regarded as an ideal transitional product because it has the advantages of micro led and is easy to mass produce

Taiwan, China is the main market for launching Mini led and micro led. Mainly due to the explosion of high-end OLED panel Market and Korea's near monopoly position in high-end OLED panel technology, LED related enterprises in Taiwan, China have been greatly impacted. At a time when micro led, which is regarded as the next generation of display technology, has not made progress, Taiwan enterprises urgently need new growth high and low temperature experiments. Generally, due to the limited travel of cable combustion tester (the travel of cable combustion tester when installing standard fixtures), mini LED has become an ideal product at present

Ding Jinglong, deputy general manager of qunchuang optoelectronics for testing the performance of car seat torsion spring, once said in an interview: "Taiwan has not kept up with the investment in AMOLED panels, and it is too late now, but if it can be successfully developed in mini led and micro led, it will have the opportunity to send AMOLED panels to the refrigerator in the future."

in terms of technical implementation, compared with traditional LCD display technology, mini LED has higher precision of high dynamic range imaging, lower energy consumption, more detailed picture, and can achieve the effect of "full screen". As a new display technology, mini LED can be used in large-size display, TV and backlight

in addition, mini LED has lower cost. Ruifeng optoelectronics said in the announcement that taking the 6-inch panel as an example, at present, the cost of LCD panel with ordinary LED backlight design is about US dollars, the cost of flexible OLED is about US dollars, and the cost of LCD panel with mini LED backlight design is about US dollars

many companies said that mass production can be achieved

in the field of mini led, there have been many A-share companies. Ruifeng optoelectronics said in the announcement that the company has made an early layout of mini LED technology and has obtained the first mover advantage in some key technologies. At present, in the application of mini led, the company has cooperated with internationally renowned home appliance customers in the development of mini LED backlight display module for TV, and has made great progress; In addition, it is cooperating with international well-known communication companies in the development of mini LED backlight display module and flexible curved Mini LED packaging display technology, and has achieved small batch production

in addition, according to zhaochi, the company believes that mini led and micro LED are the development direction of display technology in the future. The company has begun to layout. At present, it continues to track micro led, including chip, packaging and massive transfer technology. At the same time, it focuses on mini LED, which can be mass produced by cooperating with well-known domestic manufacturers

Huacan optoelectronics said on the interactive platform that mini LED is one of the directions of the company's active research and development and layout. It has advantages over OLED in terms of display efficiency and power saving. Once the technology used for consumer electronic display screens such as, TV and so on is launched on a large scale, the demand for chips will multiply. At present, the company's Mini LED chip technology research and development and product production are actively promoted

BOE a directly aims at the next generation of display technology micro led. BOE a recently said on the interactive platform that mini LED is one of the most competitive technologies for the development of new display technologies in the future, but the technology is not yet mature, and it still needs some time to develop. However, it also said that the company has carried out technical research on micro led and made some progress

ask Ruifeng optoelectronics about the customer, and the other party said that the customer's name is still in the confidential stage for the time being. However, it has jointly developed Mini LED products with leading brands in household appliances and the industry. At present, the industry has basically determined that micro LED is the next generation of display technology. The economic pulsation of mini L in all aspects of ED and micro LED technology belong to the same technical route. From the feedback of customers, TV and customers have a positive attitude towards adopting Mini LED screen in the next step

in terms of policy, wushengwu, deputy director of the electronic information department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said on April 8 that the Ministry of industry and information technology and the national development and Reform Commission jointly prepared the "three-year action plan for surpassing the development of new display industry", which will be released soon. Next, the Ministry of industry and information technology will guide and support enterprises to accelerate the research and development of mass production technologies such as new backplanes, Ultra HD, flexible panels, accelerate the research and layout of AMOLED micro display, quantum dots, printed OLED display, microled display and other forward-looking display technologies, and complete the exploration and layout of new industrial technology routes

according to a recent research report released by a securities institution, new display technologies that have been industrialized and are at the critical point of industrialization in the world mainly use OLED, qled, micro led, upgraded LCD (such as mini LED), etc., and the choice of display route is uncertain. Firmly optimistic about the general trend of OLED, optimistic about micro and mini and closely observe that OLED has been mass produced in full-scale field and has formed a good pattern and development momentum. Micro led, qled and mini LED are also in a period of rapid development, and it is necessary to continue to track the breakthrough of core technology and the rhythm of mass production and volume

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