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There are always some warm unexpected encounters. SAIC Hongyan fights the first line of Hengyang disaster relief.

there are always some warm unexpected encounters. SAIC Hongyan fights the first line of Hengyang disaster relief.

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since July 7, days of heavy rainfall has suddenly hit Hengyang, Hunan Province, causing a large area of water on urban roads, and the water depth of some roads is more than 1 meter. The rainstorm has seriously affected citizens' travel and daily life

relentless rainstorm: scenes of rescue instantly warm people's hearts

disaster is an order, rainstorm has no lover. In the face of the relentless rainstorm disaster, SAIC Hongyan immediately launched an emergency response action, immediately organized the Hengyang local dealer Jingchi sales center, and immediately sent a dump truck team to the scene to carry out rescue and rescue

as a densely populated area in Hengyang City, Yanqi lake, Yaojiang garden, shigu District, is low-lying. Affected by heavy rainfall, it has become a vast ocean at this time. The roads passing by are completely submerged by the flood. Citizens can only choose to wear shorts and swim barefoot. Under the turbulence, various potential dangers are worrying

after learning about this situation, the use of inorganic thermal insulation materials that do not need to add flame retardants in SAIC Hongyan Hengyang Jingchi sales center is increasing year by year, and immediately decided to use dump trucks to carry trapped citizens through the flooded areas with deep water and dangerous roads. When the "rescue team" held the baby who was only more than a month in their arms and successfully rescued from the trapped Road, the baby's family took the hands of the rescue team and expressed their gratitude with tears in their eyes

there is love in the world: SAIC Hongyan will never stop on the road of public welfare

in fact, as an enterprise with a high sense of society, the rapid rescue mechanism of SAIC Hongyan this time is only a microcosm of its continuous efforts to build social public welfare undertakings

joining ABS can also significantly improve the impact strength. In recent years, SAIC Hongyan has continued to go deep into public welfare rescue undertakings. Whenever the alarm is raised, you can see Hongyan's busy figure - on June 17, 2019, a magnitude 6.0 earthquake occurred in Yibin City, Sichuan Province. SAIC Hongyan responded quickly, started the emergency rescue mechanism, and worked with local dealers to quickly set up 30 Hongyan earthquake relief teams to rush to the disaster areas to carry out rescue work. At the same time, SAIC Hongyan disaster service station also provides free maintenance services for all vehicles participating in the earthquake relief, making a great contribution to the earthquake relief

from Yibin to Hengyang, SAIC Hongyan has always adhered to the humanistic spirit of "building fine products with personality and contributing to the society with fine products", and has not forgotten its original intention. 10. The breaking strength and elongation at break of alkali resistant cloth (gb/t7689.5 ⑵ 001 experimental methods for woven fabrics of reinforced materials Part 5: Determination of tensile breaking strength and elongation of glass fibers); Public welfare undertakings, and earnestly fulfill the social responsibility

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