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Evaluate the comparison and difference between siemens/Siemens hb23ab523w and hb23ab522w

two popular Siemens ovens are recommended: siemens/Siemens hb23ab523w and hb23ab522w. Specifically, how are the differences between these two ovens? Let's see the differences. Friends evaluate the comparison under the situation that petrochemical resources are increasingly exhausted and environmental protection problems are increasingly serious

I. what is the difference between Siemens hb23ab523w and hb23ab522w

compared the siemens/Siemens hb23ab523w and hb23ab522w ovens, the difference is not very big. Except for the appearance, other configurations and prices are similar. You can choose the oven that suits you according to your own needs. Siemens hb23ab523w oven user evaluation, hb23ab522w friend start evaluation, II. Comparative evaluation of Siemens hb23ab523w and hb23ab522w ovens:

1 Siemens/Siemens hb23ab523w oven household embedded electric oven

comments from friends:

well, it's a good price discount. I look forward to the effect after installation. Subsequent comments will be made. The customer service answered in time and was ready to buy another microwave oven. Suggestions for the people behind: it's best to send it to a new house after buying it, or the package is too big. Too delicate background information: Yes, it is worthy of being Hermes in the oven! Steam oven, oven and refrigerator all choose Siemens! Because in the decoration of the new house, post use review Check more lechal will open reservations to the public on March 7, multi evaluation

2. Siemens/Siemens hb23ab522w embedded household oven inlaid imported baking electric oven

comments from friends:

23ab522 is a high cost-effective oven, which is imported by Banya, which is 62L West and ignores the functional characteristics of local products. There are seven heating modes, top and bottom heating, bottom heating, small area barbecue, Circulating hot air, large-area barbecue, thawing, hot air barbecue. With eco self-cleaning function, it is very convenient to clean

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