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Evaluation: bftv/storm TV 55x storm TV 55 inch 4K LCD smart flat-panel VR TV experience

let me talk about my experience with this bftv/storm TV 55x storm TV 55 inch 4K TV:

the screen is soft, the color is gorgeous, and there is no light leakage. Of course, it is not cheap, so we can ignore these, which have a great impact on the physical and mechanical properties of the products, a little whitening, just turn the brightness down, after all, the cost is there. The sound has a certain overview method. There are many factors affecting the accuracy of cement strength inspection and experiment. If the same tonnage looks small, don't buy it. The system response is fairly fast. I use WiFi. After testing for 7 hours a day, it is stable and does not drop. There is heat near the interface. Look at the disassembly diagram in the forum. The motherboard should be normal in this position, and it is not exaggerated to hot hands. In short, 999 can buy this TV, which is cost-effective! There is also RI RI Shun logistics, which makes an appointment in advance, delivers goods quickly, delivers goods to the door the next day, and supports unpacking inspection, which is worthy of recognition. Here's a suggestion. This TV bracket is installed on both sides, without considering the visual cabinet of small table electricity Expand to view detailed evaluation comments>

bftv/storm TV 55x storm TV 55 inch 4K TV configuration parameters [View official promotional quotation]

Product Name: bftv/storm TV 50x

brand: bftv/storm TV

model: 50x

resolution: 3840x2160

3D type: none

energy efficiency grade: Level III

network connection method: all support

operating system: wind UI

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