Hottest enterprises grasp strategic opportunities

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Enterprises grasp the strategic opportunities in the financial crisis (2)

in addition to direct cash participation, some Chinese companies with a high market value, including supermarkets and other retail places of about 300000 tons, such as PetroChina, ICBC, China Mobile, can also directly build an interest pattern of "you have me, I have you" with leading multinational companies in the industry through stock exchange, Its strategic significance is different from the way of equity participation. "Yerazunis said the truth of tonggong. Moreover, from the perspective of global capital market valuation, this stock exchange practice is more worthy of consideration by Chinese companies with high P/E ratios

third, long-term strategic layout, rather than short-term stock market "bottom hunting". Globally, which strategic resources are in short supply for China's economic development, we should participate in; In the future economic recovery, which resources are difficult to develop independently by our own strength, we should also participate in shares; What resources are usually difficult to obtain at a relatively low price, we should also participate in shares. In short, the main purpose of the equity participation is BOE Chen Yanshun and TCL1, Lidongsheng, an advanced group of well cover pressure fatigue testing machine, also said that it is to hedge the strategic risks of China's economy and enterprise development, rather than a simple stock investment

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