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Evaluation: Pioneer heater DOK

pioneer heater bathroom waterproof fast heating furnace saves electricity household convective heating wall and the multi-layer material is called graphene nano sheet (GNP) hanging energy-saving electric heater electric heater

national joint guarantee silent heating with clothes rack dual-use

usage experience:

the machine is good, just baby sleeps and pees a little wet quilt, at night, don't bother to wash, bake "Internet +" first, and the exhibition effect is good! But the only bad thing is that the machine wall is so hot that you can't touch it, or you'll have to jump up Expand to view the detailed evaluation

pioneer heater bathroom waterproof fast heating furnace power saving household convective heating wall mounted energy-saving electric heater configuration parameters

product parameters:

Product Name: singfun/pioneer dok-k5 heater

brand: singfun/pioneer heater model: dok-k5

heating method: aluminum fin radiating type

intelligent type: other

maximum heating area (square meters) : below 20m^2

from 2007 to 2009, nearly 3million tons of thermoplastic were used to prevent dust from falling into the machine. After the peak in 2007, the material consumption fell by 50 tons

maximum power of electric heater: 1200W (included) -2000w (included)

place of purchase: Chinese Mainland

Color Classification: white

applicable area: 11m^2 (included) -20m^2 (included)

gear: 3

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