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Evaluation: TCL air purifier tkj

TCL air purifier household bedroom formaldehyde haze removal PM2.5 sterilization, smoke removal, dust removal, negative ion oxygen bar

direct reduction of 400 yuan, formaldehyde dust killer, 2-year renewal, 3-year joint guarantee

use for a month experience: as soon as it is delivered, it can't wait to open it for a test. It looks good, the white one is particularly clean, easy to operate, has a silent mode, and it can be turned on at night, with sensitive sensitivity, The air quality in the room suddenly became fresh

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product parameters:

Product Name: TCL tkj-f220a

brand: TCL

model: tkj-f220a

noise: DB

control mode: key press

filter or even no screw and other types of models: separate filter

Product number: tkj-f220a

Color Classification: white

air volume: 230 m3/h

applicable area: 21m^2 (including) -30m^2 (including)

function: formaldehyde removal, smoke removal, dust removal, sterilization and oxygenation

working principle: activated carbon anion HEPA technology other

air removal some raw material products have been affected by the rapid expansion of production capacity, showing weak price growth. External air purification product category: air purifier

air volume: cubic meter/hour

power mode: AC

after sales service: full Long term manufacturer supply and service country joint guarantee

applicable object: household

air purifier air volume: cubic meter/hour

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