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Enterprises cooperate to realize the vision of network connectivity in Nigeria

parallel wireless, Inc. is a leading open ran (open wireless access) company headquartered in the United States, providing the world's first software defined end-to-end 5g, 4G, 3G, 2G open ran solutions. Today, the company announced that it has been selected by the naas provider hotspot network limited to join the digital farmers Club (DFC), the universal service provision Fund (uspf) and the nitda intelligent village for smart agriculture (navsa) network connection plan, providing 2G, 3G and 4G coverage services for 2000 villages in Nigeria

gsma points out that one quarter of the population in sub Saharan Africa still lives outside the coverage of mobile broadband, while the global index is 7%. For many individuals and enterprises in Nigeria, mobile Internet is the only way of digital access. The COVID-19 highlights the importance of mobile Internet in supporting education, work, health care, services and social networking

the federal government of Nigeria is committed to promoting the realization of the national policy goal of universal access and access to information and communication technology in the country. This deployment is in line with goals 1, 2, 6, 7 and 13 of the United Nations sustainable development goals. The deployment is also in line with the five priorities of the key development priorities of the African Development Bank, namely: illuminating one continent of non USB data cable and power cable, feeding Africa, industrialized Africa, integrating Africa, and improving the quality of life of African people

The strategic goal of the partnership between parallel wireless and hotspot is to help regional mobile operators establish and expand wireless networks in Nigeria and provide next-generation digital services to local communities. This will meet the goals of DFC, uspfs and navsa, that is, to provide voice and data services to achieve e-medicine, e-hotel, e-education, e-banking and e-agriculture, so as to improve the living standards of citizens and bring them into the digital economy. This will help DFC create more than 100000 direct jobs and 1.5 million indirect jobs in Nigeria

project partners will provide the following capabilities:

parallel wireless: a high-performance distributed architecture, building a world-class, cloud native, 5g ready open ran network with important utilization value and reference value. With the introduction of Ran automation, it will also bring improvements in service innovation and reduce the operating costs of geographically dispersed sites

hotspot: experience as a system integrator and naas provider in deploying and managing traditional ran, including hosting services

the test results of non-standard state are often higher than the requirements of safety and pressure resistance. Deploy the ecosystem: away from the solar power generation system

Cooperative Bank: provide funds for the purchase plan of women and farmers in the region

dfc: a platform to help women and young people who run agricultural enterprises in rural communities, providing them with modern agricultural technology and the knowledge and skills to successfully run micro/small enterprises

to learn more about open ran, please download the following e-book:

supporting comments

morenikeji aniye, the founder and CEO of hotspot Network Limited, said: hotspot has signed a commercial agreement with MTN, deployed more than 200 sites, and will deploy 500 sites in the first year. We believe that parallel wireless' innovative 2g 3g 4G 5g open ran, which is easy to deploy, will speed up its time to market and provide wireless interconnection services for consumers and enterprises

christoph fitih, Africa Sales Director of parallel wireless, said: we are honored to participate in many such programs to promote our world's leading open ran platform, so that mobile operators can quickly and economically provide new innovative services, thereby having a positive impact on the lives of the global population

about parallel wireless

parallel wireless is the first company in the United States to challenge traditional manufacturers in the world with all G (5g/4g/3g/2g) software supported open ran macro solutions pioneered in the industry. Its cloud native network software reimagines the network economy for global mobile operators in terms of coverage and capacity deployment, and also paves the way for 5g. The company has established cooperation with more than 50 leading operators around the world. Parallel wireless' innovation and outstanding achievements in multi technology and open virtualization ran solutions have been recognized by more than 75 industry awards. For more information, please visit:. Follow parallel wireless on LinkedIn and twitter

about hotspot Network Limited

hotspot Network Limited (HNL) was established in 2008 to provide mobile operators with great development space for plastic blow molding machines, including base station configuration and infrastructure sharing services. We also provide network as a service (naas) solutions for Nigerian mobile operators to overcome the challenges of expanding mobile connectivity in rural Nigeria

source: parallel wireless

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