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[enterprise visit] sigma electric 2018 first visit learning activity was a success

[enterprise visit] sigma electric 2018 first visit learning activity was a success

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original title: [enterprise visit] sigma electric 2018 first visit learning activity was a success

on August 14, sigma Electric Co., Ltd. organized employees to visit, study and exchange with industry benchmark enterprises in Lugu high tech Zone, Mr. Wu Qijin, chairman of the board of directors, more than 20 senior executives of the company and Mr. xiongxihuang, Secretary General of the power alliance attended the visit

Founded in 1958, changcable Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the production and sales of accessories for power lines, accessories for communication cables, power fittings, cable connection fittings, electrical equipment, complete sets of machinery for cable laying, insulating materials and products, and special wire and cable products to meet the needs of high-precision processing

in the morning, sigma delegation came to long cable Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. Wu Xiaolin, general manager of long cable, Xue Qi, deputy general manager, Xie Shilin, chief engineer, Wu Lixun, manager of industry key accounts and other relevant departments and principals, introduced in detail the development process, corporate culture, organizational structure, product types and application scenarios of long cable. Through exchange and study, we have a new understanding of the quality culture, industrial operation and standardization system construction of long cable

Huazi Technology Co., Ltd.

Huazi Technology Co., Ltd. takes intelligent control and big data analysis and decision-making system as the core technology, relying on water conservancy and hydropower, intelligent power transformation and distribution, environmental protection and industry, and then because of its excellent film-forming characteristics, it is widely used in various decoration and surface protection process control fields, providing users with one-stop industrial IOT solutions

then, the sigma delegation came to Huazi Technology Co., Ltd. Wang Xiaobing, President of huazi, Tang Kai, vice president of huazi, and others made a detailed introduction to the sigma delegation on the development of the enterprise, the power source of the enterprise is the main engine oil cylinder, cultural construction, enterprise activities, enterprise honors and other aspects. Then, Tang Kai, vice president of huazi, led everyone to watch promotional videos, visit products and explain advanced technology

through this collision of ideas, we have deepened our experience in the cutting-edge technology of self intelligent manufacturing in China and our understanding of the path of enterprise innovation and development

Jinbei electrician Co., Ltd.

Jinbei electrician Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Jinbei electrician) is a leading enterprise in the cable industry in Hunan Province, specializing in the management, production, R & D and business experience of the wire and cable industry

in the afternoon, sigma delegation came to Jinbei Electric Co., Ltd. sigma Electric Co., Ltd. and Jinbei electric introduced the company's development history, operation, market business, etc. respectively, and made an in-depth discussion on the future development and cooperation of power construction. Wang Taoming, vice president of Jinbei electrical business department, also shared the technology and advantages of new cable products

1. The rod of the zigzag mechanism turned to the limit on the left (opposite to the black knob). Through the visit and study, everyone broadened their horizons, improved their management concepts, and had a deeper understanding of the working ideas and management measures of the group's transformation and development. Everyone expressed the hope that in the future, they could have more extensive and in-depth learning and exchanges with industry benchmark enterprises in various business fields, and both sides also hoped to have the opportunity to strengthen cooperation in market development and other aspects

in the future, sigma Electric will continue to participate in various cross provincial, cross regional and even international study tours and visits, broaden its horizons, experience excellent business culture, learn advanced management methods, and promote the smooth realization of Sigma's three five year strategic plan through practical visits, personal practice and communication


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