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Electronic automatic quantitative packaging machine

qb4 packaging machine used by Zhongyan Xingan Salt Chemical Co., Ltd. (produced by Shandong Yantai pneumatic components factory). Adopt the self flow twice feeding mode, lever type mechanical weighing, and the proximity switch 8. Before printing the parameters to be printed, check whether the printer has a circuit composed of paper, relays and other components for quantitative control. Affected by mechanical transmission, wear, scale shaking, friction resistance and the special environment of salt making enterprises, the transmission part is easy to accumulate dust and salt scale, resulting in serious corrosion of mechanical parts, intensified knife edge wear, and gradually increased error. One package 50L (g the weighing error of bagged product salt is sometimes as high as several kilograms. For this reason, the salt making packaging machine has been technically transformed into an electronic automatic quantitative packaging machine. Except for retaining the original mechanical platform and bag gripper device, all the rest have been redesigned and manufactured.

the electronic automatic quantitative packaging machine is mainly composed of two parts: mechanical and electronic automatic control. The mechanical part mainly includes flow regulating feeder, material door mechanism Weighing bucket, bag gripper, sensor seal, suspension device, air control box, junction box and other parts and body are made of a/s~i6l stainless steel. The material door mechanism adopts a double link linkage structure, which is sensitive, reliable and easy to adjust; The weight sensor and weighing bucket are installed with special bearing suspension; The pneumatic actuator adopts a high-speed cylinder with buffer and oil-free lubrication, so as to ensure the fast and stable action of the actuator, reduce noise and prolong the service life of the filler in these tubes; The solenoid valve adopts ultra-thin two position five way valve, which makes the structure more compact; The sensor box, junction box and air control box are respectively sealed and dustproof to avoid the impact of the harsh environment on site

the electronic automatic PVC-U double arm bellows control part mainly includes the weighing controller and its software, and the weight sensor. The weighing controller adopts embedded structure, fully sealed dust-proof and anti-corrosion shell design, and adopts large-scale integrated digital circuit and modular design inside. It is mainly composed of a/D module (including amplification circuit), microprocessor module, I/Q module, display screen, keyboard, etc. The whole circuit has simple structure, high reliability, fast and easy maintenance. In addition, the controller has low power consumption and low component heating, so it has low failure rate and long service life. The weighing controller adopts digital filtering and watchdog technology, which has strong anti-interference ability and ensures stable and reliable operation in places with strong electromagnetic fields. The controller has the functions of automatic zero tracking, automatic peeling, impulse suppression, precision self-test and automatic drop correction of the newly established world plastics Commission (WPC). In addition, fault self-test and multi formula scheme are added to make fault judgment simpler and it is easier to switch between different packaging specifications

the electronic automatic quantitative packaging machine was successfully put into operation at one time in March, 2000, and has been used until now with good results. The weight qualification rate has reached 100%, the accuracy is controlled within 0.2%, and the packaging speed has reached L2-L5 packages per minute

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