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Comments on plastic warehouse receipts on February 23

polypropylene and linetype rose as a whole. The settlement prices of pp1004 and ll1005 today were 11056 yuan/ton and 11566 yuan/ton respectively, down 12 yuan/ton and 34 yuan/ton respectively compared with yesterday's settlement. A total of 1638 batches (8190 tons) were traded throughout the day, an increase of 136 batches compared with the previous trading day, and the total order volume reached 1977 batches (9885 tons), a decrease of 49 batches compared with the previous trading day

upstream dynamics: at 80% of the crude oil station, ethylene rose slightly and propylene rose slightly

overnight crude oil continued to rise to close at 80.16, up $0.35. Ethylene monomer: CFR Northeast Asia reported US $1265.00/ton; CFR Southeast Asia reported $1303.00/ton, up $5. Propylene monomer: FOB Korea reported $1211.00/ton, up $10; FOB Japan reported $1209.00/ton, up $10

[polypropylene varieties]

1. External market: the closing is stable

fob Middle East homopolymer PP reported 1270-1280 (US dollars/ton) level, FD northwest Europe homopolymer purchased China 15 standard sand must go to the designated authorized enterprise to purchase PP reported (euro/ton) level, Fas Houston homopolymer PP reported (US dollars/ton) level 6 Bending angle: 180 ° ± 5 °

2. Domestic spot: Sinopec North China priced sales, and the transaction was poor

Sinopec North China pricing sales. The atmosphere in the markets around Yanshan was general in early trading, with poor transactions and stable market quotations; T30S offers about 10800 yuan/ton. The spot price of PP in Yuyao continued to rise slightly, and traders were in a good mood, generally bullish in the aftermarket; The price of three round T30S is about 11050 yuan/ton

3. Warehouse receipt trend: weak and volatile, closing down slightly

today's jubing warehouse receipt 6 Equipped with an ammeter, voltmeter or power meter, the main 1004 opened slightly low at 11100, fell to the lowest point of the day at 10999 in the morning, then consolidated in a narrow range, and rose slightly in the afternoon, closing at 11060, down 0.54%. The trading volume has increased, and the order volume has decreased slightly. The K-line of the sun receives the small Yin line with bald head and shadow. On the continuous daily chart, the trading center of gravity moved down slightly. Moving average system (5, 10, 20) multi head arrangement. On the 30 minute chart, 5 are all undercut and 10 are all leveled, and the short position above the zero axis of MACD two lines. In terms of spot goods, the post holiday demand has not been fully started, and there is insufficient support for the rise of jubing warehouse receipts. It is recommended to be cautious in the medium term, and pay attention to whether the crude oil can stand steady at 80 in the short term, so as to slow down the rotation of the motor to the desired rotation level. Short line reference support 11000, 10900, pressure 11200, 11300

[linear varieties]

linear 1005 fell slightly, closing at 11566, down 0.29%

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